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Soundstrue contains a wellspring of spiritually oriented courses that are a fraction of the cost of live events, yet delivered by many of the great luminaries of our time. I have composed the following list (and will continually add) the best resources for managing stress, anxiety, and stress-induced depression.

The shift from worry to calm is a learned skill that almost anyone can master. But it takes the right guide, and perhaps several. I have learned a wealth of wisdom from teachers such as Michael J. Singer, Pema Chodron, Brian Swimme, and many others.

Michael A. Singer: Living from a Place of  SURRENDER: The Untethered Soul in Action


Moving from stress to calm is a mind game, and the players are your “ego” and “Higher Self.” More and more people are waking up to understanding that we are more than just our work, our families, and our possessions. Michael Stinger teaches you how to re-connect with the vast power of the inner voice of wisdom. Untethered Soul

Access to your unlimited power requires a shift of internal focus, one from the head to the heart. It’s a journey most of us are not taught how to do. We need a guide, and Michael Singer is in a class beyond the ordinary.

Includes more than nine hours of never-before-seen video sessions with Michael A. Singer, supplementary practices, and bonus teachings and offerings.

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