Tending to the Root Chakra with Kundalini Yoga

Tending to the Root Chakra was recorded a couple of days before the 2020 US Presidential election. This class is appropriate to practice whenever you are feeling the need to ground and center yourself.

Many of us have felt ungrounded for some time now. Our personal and collective security has been shaken in recent days and weeks, (years?), and now it’s time to re-ground and re-group with Kundalini Yoga. Our Root Chakra is our security and survival center. How about we give it a little TLC with a special Kundalini yoga class?

Who is this Class For?

  • Suitable for beginners (some modifications may be necessary) & seasoned practitioners
  • For people who want to feel more centered and calm
  • For anyone who has family issues that leaves them feeling ungrounded
  • Anyone who wants to increase their awareness
  • People who want to relieve stress & anxiety naturally

Why Practice Kundalini Yoga?

Root Lock: crystallizes the effect of Kundalini yoga exercises. It combines prana (life force energy) and apana (eliminating energy) at the navel center which, when melded, helps to open the entrance of the sushmuna for kundalini energy to flow up the spine. Root lock also stimulates the flow of spinal fluid through the spinal column.