Comfort & Joy: December 2023 Kundalini Yoga Sunday Series

Welcome to a December to remember with our Kundalini Yoga series: “Kundalini Yoga for Comfort & Joy.” As the year winds down and the festive season uplifts spirits, join us on a nurturing journey through the ancient art of Kundalini Yoga, designed to align you with the joyous energies of the holiday season.

Embrace the holiday season with warmth, wellness, and a deep sense of joy with our curated “Kundalini Yoga for Comfort & Joy” series. In the heart of winter, as the nights grow longer, allow the luminous tradition of Kundalini Yoga to illuminate your path to inner peace and festive cheer.

Our December series is a tapestry of ancient yogic practices, interwoven with themes of self-discovery, creativity, and heartfelt connection. Each week, we delve into a specific theme, beginning with establishing a foundational sense of pleasure and happiness, progressing towards unlocking creativity, and fostering a deeper connection with the self. As the weeks unfold, we will work on keeping our spirits high, listening to our inner guidance, and culminating in a powerful session to open our hearts and connect with joy.

Inclusivity and Personal Growth: Our classes welcome all, regardless of experience or ability. Variations of postures are taught, empowering you to “let the yoga meet you where you’re at.” This philosophy underpins every session, ensuring that while the practice may challenge you, it will always honor your current physical and emotional state. As your guide, I am committed to helping you grow steadily and sustainably in your practice.

Our Kundalini Yoga sessions will incorporate:

  • Pranayam techniques to regulate the breath and energize the body.
  • Kundalini Kriyas, carefully chosen to resonate with the weekly theme and elevate the spirit.
  • Deep relaxation through Yoga Nidra facilitates a state of conscious awareness and rest. Meditations like Smiling Buddha Kriya and Guru Ram Das Rhythmic Harmony to enhance happiness and harmony within.

We acknowledge the unique journey of each participant and offer a safe space for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. Our live Zoom sessions encourage real-time interaction during our Community Integration time after class. The availability of recordings ensures you never miss a moment of tranquility.

Weekly Series Highlights:

Week One: Awakening Joy. We initiate our December journey with the Kundalini Kriya for Pleasure & Happiness. This sequence is a gateway to the wellspring of joy within us, setting a foundation of delight for the series. Complementing this, the Smiling Buddha Kriya meditation shines a light on our inner smile—the one that endures through life’s undulating narratives, illuminating our core strength and serenity.

Week Two: Cultivating Creativity and Renewal As the festive energy builds, Week Two channels this vibrancy into the Set for Creative Flow & Happiness. It’s a week designed to unlock latent potentials and invite innovation of the spirit. The Rebirthing Meditation is a profound tool for release and renewal, symbolically shedding the old year’s skin to reveal fresh, hopeful vistas as we edge closer to the New Year.

Week Three: Building Resilience Midway through our December practice, we fortify our inner resolve. The Dealing with Your Own Mind pranayam is our guide to introspection and mental clarity. In tandem, the Keep Up Spirit kriya cultivates a resilience that uplifts and sustains. The week culminates with the Guru Ram Das Rhythmic Harmony for Happiness meditation, enveloping us in the grace and compassion befitting the season’s spirit.

Week Four: Embracing Grace and Solidarity In our fourth week, we embrace the fullness of our collective journey with a series of practices that celebrate grace and solidarity. We gather the threads of the past weeks into a tapestry of collective experience—carrying forward the joy, creativity, resilience, and now, a profound sense of connectedness. Together, we close this class with a meditation that encapsulates the wisdom and warmth of the community we’ve built, stepping into the New Year emboldened and united.

Week Five:
Culmination of Inner Light and Universal Connection. Our journey through Kundalini Yoga culminates in a powerful week dedicated to amplifying our inner light and solidifying our connection to the universe. We begin with a pranayam focused on finding happiness and peace within, creating a serene foundation for the week’s practices. This breathwork sets the stage for the Magnetic Field & Heart Opener kriya, which expands our heart chakra and strengthens our energetic presence, attracting positivity and love during the season of giving. As we transition into a state of deep relaxation with Yoga Nidra, we allow ourselves to retreat inward, finding profound rest and recharging our spirit.

This series reaches its peak with a meditation that invokes the mantra Ang Sang Wahe Guru, infusing every cell with divine light and love, elevating our consciousness, and weaving a sense of unity with the universal fabric. This culminating practice not only prepares us for the holidays but also imbues us with a radiant presence to carry into the New Year.

Benefits Tailored to You: Specifically, this series is an encouragement for those seeking to replace feelings of tension and isolation with the warmth of a caring community. Experience a palpable shift as you learn to soothe your nervous system, enhance your emotional resilience, and embrace the comfort and joy of a balanced mind and body.

Community and Connection:

Post-class, we invite you to join our unrecorded Community Integration time—an opportunity for heartfelt sharing, processing, and questioning. This space is dedicated to weaving the threads of individual experience into a tapestry of collective wisdom. It is here, in the crucible of community, that we transform personal insights into shared understanding.