Heart Rate Variability, Kundalini Yoga, & Polyvagal Theory Therapy

In June of 2020, I was asked to present a webinar to the Kundalini Research Institute on how Kundalini yoga affects the autonomic nervous system and actually demonstrate the results. There is a growing interest in learning about heart rate variability, vagus nerve stimulation and yoga, polyvagal theory therapy, and heart rate variability biofeedback.

What is meant by the “central tuning string” of the body, and how the heart is more than just a pump? In this video, I weave studies of ancient cultures and modern science to support the KY community in the depth of how Kundalini Yoga works! Heart-centered practices have informed humanity for millennia, giving them that peace and tranquility that is so longed for. In this video, I explain the ancient wisdom of Kundalini Yoga from a scientific approach.

These topics that I discuss in this video are expanded in 7 Ancient Rituals for Modern Healing High-Functioning Anxiety.

heart rate variability

Discover Ancient ritual techniques to relieve modern high-functioning anxiety. This concise guide is based on science and data that support the ritual practices. Ancient people had a grounding in their bodies and with the earth that we Moderns have largely lost.

7 Ancient Rituals shows you how to tap into these quick timeless methods to restore your feelings of calm and centeredness during these highly stressful postmodern times. These short daily ritual practices will move you from feelings of overwhelm and anxiousness to ones of balance calm.

There really is another way to live.

  • Overcome fear and worry 
  • Replace anxiety with serenity 
  • Lower stress hormone response
  • Improve heart rate for maximum longevity 
  • Maintain emotional calm in the midst of chaos 
  • Reclaim your intuitive “inner knowing” 
  • Transform feelings of overwhelm to a sense of being in control 
  • Reclaim your personal power 
  • Calm heart palpitations (assuming you’ve been medically cleared) 
  • Renew your sense of purpose and meaning 
  • Reignite your MOJO

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