Is Blue Light Harmful to Eyes?

what is blue light

How Does Blue Light Affect Sleep? What is Blue Light Blue light is part of the natural spectrum of visible light that comes from the sun. Blue light comes in higher doses from artificial light sources, especially LEDs, fluorescent, electronic devices (i.e. computer, smartphones, eReaders, TVs). Let’s face it, it’s all around us! Although blue …

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The Untethered Soul in Action: Living from a Place of SURRENDER | Course Review

Untethered Soul

“In the book The Untethered Soul, Michael Singer takes you step-by-step through the process of gyana, the Yoga of the Intellect, to the Source. Moreover, he does it with elegant simplicity. Read this book carefully and you will get more than a glimpse of eternity.”


Saffron Health | Rumi Spice Review

health benefits of saffron

Saffron is becoming a fast growing health trend, well beyond its fabulous culinary history. And for good reasons. It’s reported health benefits from medical researchers range from lifting depression and anxiety (by increasing serotonin levels), improving your immune system, to strengthening the nervous system (modulates hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis). The health benefits don’t stop there, these are …

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Ohm Store Tibetan Singing Bowl Set Review

Original OM Tibetan Singing Bowl

Singing Bowls are named for the beautiful Tibetan healing sounds that emanate from them when played. Tibetan healing music is based on specific tones that vibrate your mind-body for healing and stress relief. During the research for my Ohm Store Tibetan Singing Bowl Set Review, I considered several factors before recommending this Tibetan Singing Bowl …

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GO Berkey Water Filter Review

Go Berkey Water Filter Kit

Clean Water: the Most Essential Nutrient that Your Body Needs Clean water is something that many of us take for granted, but how clean is your water, really? Public water systems must pass routine testing, but what all does that testing really include? In my GO Berkey Water Filter Review, I did the research that I …

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Big Berkey Water Filter Review

Big Berkey Water Filter

Whether you drink water directly from your tap or purchase plastic water bottles for convenience, there is a highly effective alternative that costs about 2 cents per gallon (amortizing the Big Berkey Water over the 6,000 gallons of water that it produces). While researching for the Big Berkey Water Filter Review, I found impressive information …

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Red Light Therapy for Wrinkles Joovv Review

Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy for Wrinkles  Joovv Solo Product Review What is Joovv Red Light Therapy? Joovv Red Light delivers clinical grade (over 1 Joule per minute) of visible red light, which is energy at 660 nanometers. Red light therapy devices help improve fine lines, rosacea, skin clarity, tone, and texture. Red light therapy differs from near infra-red therapy in that it primarily …

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