Is Blue Light Harmful to Eyes?

what is blue light

How Does Blue Light Affect Sleep? What is Blue Light Blue light is part of the natural spectrum of visible light that comes from the sun. Blue light comes in higher doses from artificial light sources, especially LEDs, fluorescent, electronic devices (i.e. computer, smartphones, eReaders, TVs). Let’s face it, it’s all around us! Although blue …

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Red Light Therapy for Wrinkles Joovv Review

Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy for Wrinkles  Joovv Solo Product Review What is Joovv Red Light Therapy? Joovv Red Light delivers clinical grade (over 1 Joule per minute) of visible red light, which is energy at 660 nanometers. Red light therapy devices help improve fine lines, rosacea, skin clarity, tone, and texture. Red light therapy differs from near infra-red therapy in that it primarily …

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