Embracing Inner Love: February Kundalini Yoga Series 2024

Kundalini Yoga’s Gateway to an Open Heart

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.


In the spirit of Rumi’s profound wisdom, our February 2024 Kundalini Yoga Series, “Embracing Inner Love: Kundalini Yoga’s Gateway to an Open Heart,” invites you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and self-love. This series is a reminder that the foundation of all love starts within us. Before we can extend our love to the world, we must first cultivate a deep, nurturing love for ourselves. It’s in the quiet acceptance and understanding of our own hearts that we find the capacity to truly connect with others.

This February, embark on a transformative journey with our Kundalini Yoga series, “Embracing Inner Love: Kundalini Yoga’s Gateway to an Open Heart.” Designed to guide you through heart coherence, emotional healing, and courage-building, each class aims to unlock the vast reservoirs of love within you. We will delve into the intricate connection between our physical, spiritual, and emotional hearts, discovering that true happiness and fulfillment stem not from external sources, but from the profound realms of self-love and inner transformation that blossom from within.

Class 1, February 4th: Embracing Heart Coherence and the Vagus Nerve

Theme: Understanding the physiological aspects of heart coherence.

Kriya: Exercises for the Heart Center – Reaching Me in Me

Discussion: The vagus nerve as the central tuning string of the body and its role in emotions and heart coherence.

Summary: In our first class, we’ll explore the concept of heart coherence, understanding how our heart is more than just a physical organ; it’s a gateway to spiritual connection. Drawing insights from HeartMath, we’ll delve into how heart coherence aligns our physical heart with our spiritual heart, creating a harmonious state that enhances our connection to the universe.

The exercises will focus on stimulating the vagus nerve, crucial for emotional regulation and heart coherence.

Class 2, February 11th: Healing the Broken Heart

Theme: Addressing emotional wounds and beginning the healing process.

Kriya: Kriya for the Heart

Meditation: Meditation for a Broken Heart

Summary: Our second class is a journey towards healing emotional wounds. We’ll use the Kriya for the Heart and the Meditation for a Broken Heart to address the deep-seated pains that reside in our heart and nervous system. This class is a step towards releasing past traumas and embracing a future of emotional freedom and resilience.

Class 3, February 18th: Cultivating a Courageous Heart

Theme: Building inner strength and bravery.

Kriya: Kriya to Open Your Heart Center

Summary: In this class, we focus on cultivating courage and inner strength. Drawing inspiration from Yoga Journal, our practices will open up the heart center, encouraging a flow of bravery and boldness. This class is about transforming fear into courage, weakness into strength, and doubt into confidence.

Class 4, February 25th: Awakening the Liberated Heart

Liberated Heart Meditation: Comments: The tips of the thumbs touch to form the arched look of the swan’s neck. This represents inner grace and the dominance of the neutral mind and the sattva guna. You observe all that happens with no anger or enmity. The absence of these reactions makes all the energy of prana available to the direction of the mind. The mind has joined with its prana. Concentrate on the rhythm of the breath.

The 8:8 rhythm will work on the connection between the Heart Chakra and the immune system. The hand position will give you strength. This is not a beginner’s meditation. It should be practiced with respect, and the time should be increased slowly, as your nerves adjust to the psychosomatic changes the meditation initiates. https://www.kundalinirising.org/KRIResource/Meditations/TheLiberatedHeart.pdf

Each class in this series is a step towards unlocking the closed heart, allowing us to embrace inner love and embark on a journey of profound transformation. Join us this February to explore the depths of your heart and the heights of your spirit in “Embracing Inner Love: Kundalini Yoga’s Gateway to an Open Heart.”

Join us as we navigate through heart coherence, emotional healing, courage, and authenticity, each class designed to guide you closer to your inner self and the love that you inherently possess.