How to Relieve Stress Naturally with Nutrition and Supplements

4 Key Nutritional Strategies to Relieve Stress Naturally

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” Hippocrates

  1. Repair
  2. Rebuild
  3. Revitalize
  4. Restore

Knowing how to relieve stress and restore health by making excellent choices in your daily nutrition is one of the cornerstones to healthy and happy living. While stressful situations may be temporarily outside of your control, nutrition is one are of your life that you DO have control over. It is our unique job to assume responsibility for our health in areas that can have an effect. There is no short-cut to health, however excellent nutrition may be as close as we get.

Many people fall into one of two categories when dealing with food and emotional stress:

  1. Do you Eat More?
  2. Do you Stop Eating?

Do you tend to mindlessly nibble your way through the day when you’re stressed or do you tend to lose your appetite and stop eating?

This is not about dieting or denying yourself. It’s about revamping your dietary choices where in time your learn to love healthy choices.

Stress and Nutrition

Although many people are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle while experiencing stress, acute or chronic, most are not. I tended to stop eating when highly stressed, and although I enjoyed losing some weight, my body paid the price.

During episodes of high levels of stress over long periods of time it is imperative that your pay close attention to the quality and quantity of food and beverages you are consuming. It may be that a family member is challenging the well-being of the whole family and you’re shouldering the brunt of it. Or financial pressures outside of your immediate control; with the world in increasing chaos, I’m sure you can add your own unique spin on stress–and food.

Increased stress can mean mindless, even addictive, eating or drinking.

Instead of this…

A loss of appetite due to stress can mean you’re not replenishing vital nutrition to your body. is dedicated to bringing you important leading-edge information on nutrition,

supplements, herbs, and even water to help you relieve stress naturally. Blog posts relating to Nutrition will be organized under the four general categories

Try this!

YOUR Health and Well-Being are in your hands (and mouth).

During periods of high stress it is even more important to keep your calorie intake reasonable, and consume the right kinds of foods.

If your eating habits are bordering or becoming addictive patterns please consult your healthcare practitioner.

1. Repair

Your nervous and glandular (endocrine) systems take a beating during stressful periods. When the body is under emotional stress it releases large amounts of hormones such as adrenaline. Adrenaline is secreted by the adrenal glands when you experience fear, get angry, or deal with long-term conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder. The hormone serves its purpose while  but not intended to be part of a new “normal.” Prolonged exposure to adrenaline can be unhealthy, while the occasional short-term “adrenaline rush” of a bungie jump may be just what you need. Adrenaline increases heart rate when you need increased circulation, however long term that can be quite harmful.

The hormone cortisol is released when you perceive a threat and causes the increase of glucose (sugar) in the bloodstream for quick energy to “fight or flee.” Over exposure to stress hormones increases your risk for health issues including anxiety and stress-induced depression.

The first step is to minimize the damage caused by unmanaged stress and to begin the repair process.

2. Rebuild

Nutrition is essential in the rebuilding process after the ill-effects of stress have been managed. As Hippocrates once said: “Let your food by your medicine, and medicine be your food.” (If your doctor has prescribed medication be sure to follow the advice.) Healthy food doesn’t need a prescription and can be integrated into your daily diet along with other modalities of healing that you’ve chosen. Whether you are rebuilding your muscles or nervous sytem nutrition is key.

I’m a believer in selecting organic foods that support and rebuild your body, and that supplements should be just that–a supplement to what you’re not able to readily get. Foods such as Lion’s Mane Mushrooms are just one example of a naturally growing plant that actually aids in repairing of your nervous system–it helps regenerate nerve cells.

Try this instead of sugary sodas

3. Restore

The restore phase is the benefit for all of your diligent efforts in reclaiming your health through knowledgable food choices. Once you’ve gotten your nutritional basics down it might be time to consider food allergy testing to further root out stress-inducing culprits.

4. Revitalize

Empowered! The revitalization phase moves you out of dis-ease and into an empowered state of vibrant health where you have a surplus of energy and vigor. Along with the other stress-reducing building blocks (i.e. emotional self-management, heart coherence), nutrition is an essential component of feeling fully revitalized. This category focuses on energy enhancing foods and beverages that make you truly radiant. Rather than substances that deplete such as sugar, excessive alcohol, and caffeine, we search out alternatives that are life-enhancing.

Feeling the Vitality of Stress-Relief through Excellent Nutrition and Supplements






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