11-Minute Meds™ for Less Stress

Meditations for Stress
11-Minute Meds™

How to Manage Stress, Anxiety, and Stress-Related Depression in 11-minutes a day by syncing evidence-based heart rate variability (HRV) with Kundalini yoga meditations.


Can you reclaim 11-minutes a day for the next 40 days?  Yes, great! This site is designed to teach you how to get a handle on stress that leads to anxiety, stress-induced depression, and disease using yogic technology that works. Skeptical? By combining heart rate variability feedback with Kundalini yoga meditations your Western mind will know when you’re in the zone of healing stress.


The meditations that will find in this site as easy enough for the average beginner to do, regardless of age.

the zone of high heart ccoherence
Moving from red to green

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