Psychedelic Coaching Packages

Finding a New Myth to Live By

“Exploring unconscious contents is ‘the only way to liberate oneself”
(Barbara Hannah, Encounters with the Soul: Active Imagination)

Setting the Stage in the Second Half of Life

I work with women who struggle with “high-functioning anxiety” as a result of a disconnect from their souls and life purpose. Many people are anxious and sometimes there is a numbing, “cold depression” which signals a soul disconnect. Women may come to psychedelics because the old archetypal patterns in their psychological makeup are no longer serving them. This leads to soul-sadness, a lack of meaning and purpose. Something needs to change!

What makes my work different is that I help you create a new myth to live by. Together we will use Jungian depth psychology (archetypes), sacred plant medicine, and Kundalini yoga (including meditation and breathwork) to spark lasting transformation.

  • Reconnect to your soul and your purpose through the symbolic language that psychedelics present
  • Lessen symptoms of high-functioning anxiety (you get through the day—barely)  
  • Elevates mood and emotional state
  • Helps relieve “cold depression” (feeling numb and mostly going through the motions)
  • Break cycles of self-limiting thoughts and behaviors
  • Access flow states
  • Creating a new narrative (myth) to live by

We begin with a complimentary 30-minute Discovery and Assessment Call to find out if we are well-suited to work together. It is important that you feel trust and rapport with a potential coach–a two-way process.

“The archetypes inform our psychological and spiritual development just as our genes determine our physical form” 

Lionel Corbett, Psyche and the Sacred page 46

4-Week Microdosing Course: Persephone, the Maiden, Open and Receptive

Are psychedelics right for you? I invoke the power of goddesses when working with women as a way for them to recognize the internal archetypal patterns governing their lives. Goddesses carry embedded archetypal patterns in women’s psyche and have the power to influence their fate and carry them to their authentic destiny.

The Persephone course is for women getting started with psychedelics who need knowledge and support at each step of the way. You will learn the foundational concepts of Microdosing, learn the pitfalls, and how to navigate your experience for the best results. You will discover if you want to take a deeper dive into psychedelics after learning the basics of safe and effective microdosing. Before beginning, you will be assessed for suitability.

  • Pre-Course:    Intake assessment (required before starting the course)
  • Week One:      Getting clear on your intentions Microdosing—finding your WHY.
  • Week Two:      Microdosing Protocols: what’s right for you
  • Week Three:   Integration work and mastering your dose
  • Week Four:     Integration work and setting your new narrative

Group Coaching (limited to 12 participants): $250 per person, 4 1-hour group sessions

Personalized 1:1 Coaching: $600, 4 one-on-one 1-hour sessions contact Anne directly

Includes: Microdosing Workbook, resource materials

Persephone, Maiden and Goddess of the Underworld


8-Week Microdosing Course: Hecate, Goddess of the Crossroads

The Hecate program is for the woman who may be at a crossroads in her life. Hecate is the archetypal guide who illuminates the way forward when you are uncertain about your next right step. She is the goddess of the gateway between your ego consciousness and the personal and collective unconscious (Jungian terms you will learn more about in the course). One aim of psychedelic work is to create an effective dialog between your waking ego consciousness and that which lies beneath its surface in the unconsiousness, or underworld as the Ancient Greeks would say. Hecate wants you to connect more deeply with your intuition to be able to move forward with confidence knowing which path to take. Increased clarity on your intention and skilled integration work is the main focus of the Hecate program.

  • Pre-Course: Intake assessment (required before starting the course)
  • Week One:      Getting clear on your intentions for Microdosing—finding your WHY
  • Week Two:      Benefits and Risks Microdosing
  • Week Three:   Which substance is right for you?
  • Week Four:     Microdosing Protocols
  • Week Five:      Mastering Your Dose: the key to success
  • Week Six:        Integrating healthy modalities
  • Week Seven:   Neuroplasticity
  • Week Eight:     Leaving the Crossroads: knowing when to stop

Each session allows for sharing, questions, and community building

Group Coaching (limited to 12 participants): $450 per person

Includes: Microdosing Workbook, resource materials

As your course leader, I too serve as Hecate, the one who helps illuminate your path by working to integrate your psychedelic experiences. The benefit of group work is that through witnessing each other in our live sessions we all bring Hecate forward in a safe and caring container.

Personalized 1:1 Coaching: $850 contact Anne directly

Hecate, Goddess of the Crossroads

9-Week Personalized Psychedelic Coaching: Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom

  • Pre-Course: Intake assessment (required before starting coaching)
  • Week One: Choosing to Surrender
  • Week Two: Preparing Your Nervous System with Polyvagal Informed Practices
  • Week Three: Clarifying Your Intention
  • Week Four: Set and Setting
  • Week Five: Breakthrough Encounter
  • Week Six: Integration & Optional Microdosing to Set the Experience
  • Week Seven:  Dialoguing with the Unconscious: Jung’s Active Imagination
  • Week Eight: Integration and Individuation
  • Week Nine: Deepening Into the Experience

Group Coaching (limited to 12 participants): $995 per person

Personalized 1:1 Coaching: $1,995 contact Anne directly

Sophia, Divine Feminine Wisdom

Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom