Modalities uses four primary modalities or methods for approaching stress management: HRV Biofeedback, Kundalini yoga, Energy Medicine and Nutritionals. Each modality approaches stress management from a unique yet coherent perspective to give you options and new directions for managing your stress, high-functioning anxiety, and stress-related depression.

Begin by choosing one or more modalities that you are drawn to. Not everyone will like all four modalities–that is okay! Remember that small incremental changes done on a routine basis will go a long way to reducing the harmful effects of stress.

Evidence-Based Science Meets Ancient Wisdom

Study after study has shown the stress relieving benefits of yoga, meditation, energy medicine, and nutritionals. And yet, our Western minds want the proof that what we are doing is actually working. We want to see results and be able to track our progress.

Programs that I offer incorporate a variety of stress relieving modalities. At the core of all programs is heart rhythm monitoring using the HeartMath Inner Balance.

Heart Rhythm Monitoring: a Game Changer 

Biofeedback using Heart Rate VariabilityHRV biofeedback

Heart Rhythm monitoring (also called Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback [HRV] ) provides with instant feedback as to how your stress and anxiety levels are responding to what you are doing to alleviate stress. It’s a game changer in stress, anxiety, and depression relief.

Clip on an ear sensor and you access a dynamic window directly into your autonomic nervous system. You do not need to know any science or math to use this effective tool. HRV biofeedback actually measures your stress baseline and keeps track of your progress. With practice over time your baseline level of stress improves making your body-mind more resilient and less susceptible to stress. Regardless of the stress management techniques that you choose, HRV Biofeedback you will help you know where you are and provides a valuable biomarker to guide you– your North Star. READ MORE

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation: Releasing Ancient WoundsKundalini yoga for stress relief

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness and is for everyone. It is powerful and gives you the ability to meet life’s challenges while remaining calm. You will gain new perspectives and form new patterns of thought that replace old negative cycles of thinking and behaving. Kundalini Yoga forms new neural pathways. READ MORE

11 Minute Meds: Meditation is Medication

how to relieve stress with Kundalini meditation

11 Minute Meds are short medical grade meditations (3 to 11 minutes) based on powerful yogic techniques that heal and rejuvenate your autonomic nervous system. 11 Minute Meds are fast acting to help you manage stress, anxiety, and stress-induced depression. This is a great start if you are super busy and short on time. Easy, no experience needed. Read more

Energy Medicine: Light, Water, EarthEnergy Medicine

Energy healing reconnects you with the earth’s natural energies. Our bodies run on electricity (nervous system), bio-magnetism, sunlight, and other natural healing energies of the earth. You will learn about ways to plug back into the essential energies of the earth, reduce inflammation, and re-ignite cellular health. READ MORE

Nutrition: Adaptagens & Beyondfoods for stress relief

Food is medicine and the wrong foods create inflammation which has been found to be the precursor in many disease states. Chronic stress, anxiety, and depression can make it challenging to eat and drink wisely. Sometimes food, alcohol, or drugs can be self-soothing but ultimately exacerbates the cycle of stress, anxiety, and depression. The good news is that as you raise your level of resiliency by managing stress the cycle can reverse–the cravings for sugar, alcohol, or whatever begins to loosen its grip on us. READ MORE