Have you ever been told you need to “toughen up,” “grow a thick skin,” or “stop being so sensitive?” If so, you’re not alone.

What Is An Empath?

The word empath comes from the word empathy; being tuned into other people’s feelings and life circumstances. An empath takes empathy to a whole other level.

An empath is a highly sensitive and intuitive person who readily picks up and even absorbs the emotions of others. According to Dr. Judith Orloff, empaths have highly reactive neurological systems. Empaths lack emotional “filters” and as a result, they often take on others’ emotions as their own.

It’s a tremendous gift to be an empath—but if you haven’t learned to regulate your gifts and set strong boundaries, the energy you absorb from others can lead to depression, anxiety, and other health concerns.

Empaths and highly sensitive people have special challenges in our world—as well as much-needed gifts to offer.

As an empath, Dr. Orloff has dedicated herself to creating strategies and practices to help you regulate your sensitivities, keep from getting overwhelmed, and stay protected and grounded while meeting the world with an open heart.

“As an empath, you are part of a vital revolution of human consciousness to put the ‘humane’ back into humanity.”

Judith Orloff, MD

https://www.soundstrue.com/store/empaths-survival-guide-online-course?sq=1#a_aid=5d3241b561889&a_bid=323df0beOver the course of 8 live sessions with Dr. Orloff, you’ll learn:

Skills to help you overcome sensitivity-based problems like fatigue, allergies, anxiety, and depression

• Ways to set healthy boundaries in relationships and protect yourself from energy vampires

Learn how to replenish your vital energy

Discover your exceptional capacity to sense subtle energy, connect with nature, and tune into spiritual connection

“I feel passionate about teaching these skills now because the world needs your gifts more than ever,” says Dr. Orloff. We hope you’ll join us for this invaluable course to help you become a grounded, open-hearted, and empowered empath.

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Am I an empath

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