The Untethered Soul in Action: Living from a Place of SURRENDER | Course Review

The Untethered Soul: Living from a Place of SURRENDER | Course Review

The Journey Beyond Yourself : A course by Michael A. Singer

I was first introduced to Michael A. Singer’s work after a yoga class that I was teaching. We were talking about surrendering the ego to the higher Self, pretty much the basic premise behind yoga, when one of my students piped up: “hey, have you read The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer? It was the beginning of my life altering journey through Michael A. Stinger’s great work. And I do not say this lightly. Perhaps it was because Michael Singer was able to put yogic language into everyday phrases that the messages really hit home for me. Singer writes:

I had let go of myself and something very special had followed. I was willing to face loneliness and fear and not grab for relief” (33).

If this isn’t yoga off the mat, I don’t know what is. We instinctively grab for a glass of wine, smoke, go shopping, play video games, or whatever your escape of choice so that we don’t have to feel our feelings. If you’ve ever tried to give up an addiction, you’ll know precisely what I’m talking about. In my HRV Biofeedback trainings I talk about the flow of the heart that Singer describes, the intelligent flow of the universe. Surrender, yes, so easy, so hard to do.the untethered soul

Every year or so I reread Singer’s The Untethered Soul, because deeper revelations unfold with each encounter with it.


Michael Singer Online Course

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