Kundalini Yoga for Stress in Your Shoulders, Neck, Upper Body and Spine

How to Relieve Stress in Your Shoulders, Neck, Upper Body or Spine Naturally

Stress and tension have a way of settling into your body causing tightness and muscle pain. Some people are prone to “carry stress” in their shoulders, neck, and spine. This full-length recorded class is an opportunity for you to explore Kundalini Yoga as a technology to relieve stress naturally.

The description below is somewhat expanded from the video class for people who are new to Kundalini Yoga or those who want to know a little more.

Recorded 11-11-2018 at the Heart Prana Yoga Studio on Camano Island, Washington with Anne Ruitberg Taylor, Ph.D. (Har Kirat).

Breath Work (Pranayam)

Naadi (Suble Energy Channel) Cleansing

The pranayam (breath work) featured in this class works to cleanse the main subtle energy channels of your body, the Ida (left nostril/moon energy) and the Pingala (right nostril/sun energy) nadis. Nadis are pathways that carry subtle energies of the body and help to purify and facilitate the flow of energy.

Kriya (set of exercises) for the Upper Body, Neck and Shoulders

This is a great kriya for people who carry tension and stress in their shoulders. It not only helps alleviate stress it also helps break up calcium deposits.

Basic Spinal Energy Series

Age is measured by the flexibility of the spine. Stress and tension causes us to slough and constrict ourselves. This kriya systematically stimulates all 26 vertebrae with a burst of energy. This kriya promotes mental clarity and increases the circulation of the spinal fluid. Excellent kriya before meditation.

11 Minute Med™:  Rejuvenation Meditation, a Medical Mediation

Stress, anxiety, and depression has a negative impact on our glandular system as stress hormones flood our bodies. This is a potent pranayam meditation to rejuvenate the glandular system and is considered a medical meditation, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Practice and perfect this meditation and you will appreciate the joy of meditation and the breath.

Caution/Disclaimer: Always check with your healthcare provider before beginning any new exercise regimes. As always, listen to your body and stop if you become dizzy or lightheaded.

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