Halloween: the Space Betwixt & Between

“Honor the space between no longer and not yet”

Nancy Levin

During the brilliant sunlit days of  Indian summer, I still wear my sandals outside. I cling to the all too brief summer days in the Pacific NW maritime climate, but the grass is now wet and its cool in the shade signaling an unmistakable change.

I don’t want to let go, yet find myself in the liminal time and space of autumn . . . as we all do in the Northern hemisphere.

The signs are all around me. As stunningly beautiful as the fall leaves are, they are dying. There is a beauty in letting go, as I too must learn to do.

What has passed can no longer be and what will come is still not a reality. The light is declining, days are shortening and the sun hangs lower on the horizon.

I must let go.

I must surrender.

I must die. Die to the old way of being in this world.

To sit in the space between past and the future is what I teach during my Kundalini yoga classes. There is a death in surrender and an ultimate freedom on the other side.

It requires a shift from a life view as seen from the ego to one of the silent witness within or the Self, as C. G. Jung might say. Meditation helps make this transition. 

Meditation is a practice that shifts you from ego consciousness to a place of calm centeredness of being in the present moment. This internal shift is no less profound than believing that the sun revolves around the earth than being jolted into the new reality that it is the earth that revolves around the sun.

As with most teachers, I teach what I most need to learn: to sit still with the unknown, to let it be, to not go back into my past nor speed ahead into a time and place that has not yet manifested. None of really know what a post-Covid world will really look like or how climate change will affect our day-to-day lives, not to mention a myriad of changes in daily life.

Being calm and at peace in times of liminality is critically important for us all. I practice with the seasons, enjoy the beauty of autumn while releasing my grasping hands on the summer that has already passed–it is no longer mine to hold onto.

Can I learn to love the autumn of my body, and yes, the autumn of my mind. My flesh loses its rigor as the autumn leaves that fall. A mind once razor-sharp in intellect has softened around the edges that now understands better through myth and metaphor.

And we collectively sit in liminal times, the world as we knew it is no longer stable, it has cracks and has given way around the seams. The new paradigm has not yet taken shape–it remains a nebulous vision.

Can we sit together with that? The new paradigm will be as multi-colored and multi-faceted as nature in autumn, and there is room for all colors, voices, and viewpoints.

A collage of distinct, and sometimes opposing images come together to evolve into a beautiful masterpiece.

A new vision and a new world asks us to be able to sit with the unknown and find peace while sitting in the midst of chaos. To get real comfortable in the liminal zones of not knowing what the next thing is or looks like, personally and collectively.

This is to partake in the mystery of life; loosening your grip on the steering wheel, as I like to say.

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