What is a Kansa Wand?

What is a Kansa Wand?

Have you ever seen a beautiful Kansa Wand and then wondered what is a Kansa wand and what is Kansa? The Kansa wand is an ancient Ayurvedic massage tool that has been used for centuries. The Kansa wand has a distinctive dome-shaped metal head made of purified bronze (from an alloy of copper and tin). Kansa has a high electrical conductivity that harmonizes the energies of the body-mind by massaging the skin with specialized oils, including Kansa oil. Whether you are a skilled practitioner or want to experience the benefits of a Kansa massage yourself, it is important to invest in the right one.

Why Use a Kansa Wand?

When used properly (see video below) the Kansa wand puts subtle pressure on marma points in the face and body. Marma points are energy points in the body used for healing in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of holistic healing. 

  • Brings healthy blood flow to the face
  • Relieves tension in the body and mind
  • Tones & firms the skin and underlying
  • Reduces puffiness under the eyes
  • Soothes, cools, & smooths skin

  • Helps prevent wrinkle formation
  • Harmonizes energy
  • Relieves tension at TMJ point
  • Relieves tension held in temples & hairline
  • Natural stress relief

HowToRelieveStressNaturally.com is dedicated to finding products and services that help you find your way through high levels of stress, anxiety, and depression naturally. I love Kansa wands because they do not use electricity or used with toxic products from the cosmetic industry. By using the Kansa wand with a high-grade facial oil you will naturally relieve emotional stress and oxidative stress on the body, the kind that creates free radical damage. Think of an apple browning after it’s been cut, that damage happens inside and out the body as well. Let’s do what we can to minimize decay and boost rejuvenation.

How to Use Your Kansa Wand

You will receive maximum benefits with consistent daily use of your Kansa wand. Just like a meditation or mindfulness practice, the power is in consistent small actions. As you use your Kansa wand, your circulation improves and subtle energetic points are stimulated.

Please watch this easy to follow video to see where the key marma points are and the proper technique for using your Kansa wand. Marma points used in the Ayurvedic system are points of vital energy that connect to nerve endings and located throughout the body. This is a similar concept to meridian points in Chinese medicine. You can follow the same procedure with self-massage or do it for someone else.

When to Use Your Kansa Wand

Use your Kansa wand on clean skin for at least 5 minutes per day. Make this part of your morning and evening cleansing ritual twice a day for best results. Why not enjoy giving yourself a full facial massage for 20 minutes and include your neck. The Kansa wand can be used on different areas of the body; this post primarily addresses facial massage use.

Use a high-quality organic skin oil with your Kansa wand. Kansa oil by Ayurvedic Experience is formulated to keep your Kansa wand fine-tuned.

Kansa Oil: the Perfect Companion for your Kansa Wand

The Kansa wand that I recommend is by Ayurvedic Experience. The quality of the Kansa metal is the quality of the Kansa wand itself. If you are going to spend the time doing daily facial massages then it is a good idea to get a quality tool. Other important factors that go into my review of a product is the testing, purity, and manufacturing process:


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