Muse Brain Sensing Headband

Product Review: Meditation for Stress Relief

Muse Headband for Stress Relief


The Muse 2 headband is designed for individuals seeking to enhance their mindfulness and meditation practices. It’s suitable for anyone looking to manage stress, improve focus, and develop a deeper understanding of their mental state. The Muse S adds sleep tracking and enhances sleep quality. Whether you’re new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner, the Muse brain-sensing headband can be a valuable tool for achieving a heightened sense of calm, well-being, and better sleep (Muse S option).

What is the Muse Brain-tracking Headband?

The Muse 2 headband is an innovative wearable designed for brain sensing. This device employs 4 electroencephalography (EEG) sensors to measure brain activity. Through an accompanying mobile app, the EEG signals are translated into audio feedback that is delivered to you via headphones. This technology empowers you to gain insights into your mental state during meditation and mindfulness practices. By using real-time audio cues to indicate moments of focus and distraction, the Muse headband device helps you enhance your meditation skills, manage stress, and promote overall well-being.

The Muse S (Gen2) incorporates the functions of Muse 2 plus serves as a sleep monitor and tracker, as well as a meditation tool.

How Does Muse Headband Work?

How Muse Works from Nadia Kumentas on Vimeo.

Utilizing 7 cutting-edge sensors, Muse passively monitors brain and body signals. Similar to a heart rate monitor gauging your heartbeat, it functions as a research-grade brain fitness tool.

The system incorporates 7 precisely calibrated EEG sensors: 2 on the forehead, 2 behind the ears, and 3 reference sensors. These sensors analyze and quantify brain activity. Additionally, a Photoplethysmogram sensor (PPG) sensor captures your heart rate and blood flow, while an accelerometer and gyroscope track breath rhythm and body movement.

The Muse headband provides audible queues via Bluetooth when your mind drifts out of a meditative state. Over time, you learn the science and art of meditation and mindfulness. The results can be life-changing.

Meditation focuses include:

  • Mind Meditation
  • Heart Meditation
  • Body Meditation
  • Breath Meditation

Who is the Muse For?

The Muse headband is designed for individuals seeking to enhance their mindfulness/meditation practices. It’s optimal for anyone looking to manage stress, sharpen their focus, and improve the quality and duration of their sleep. The Muse helps you develop a deeper understanding of your mental state. Whether you’re new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner, the Muse headband can be a valuable tool for achieving a heightened sense of calm, well-being, and better sleep (Muse S).

The Muse is for people who want to:

meditation for stress relief
Diminish daily stress
Enhance mental well-being
Elevate meditation practice
Ameliorate sleep quality
Enhance daily mood
Embrace a serene, present life


After practicing and teaching meditation for many years, I know how hard it can be. Even if you manage to sit still for the allotted time doesn’t mean that you are actually achieving a meditative state of mind. How do I know this? Because I periodically measure my HRV (heart rate variability). HRV is a measure of heart coherence, a state where your brain, heart, and breathing are synced up.

Often I find my mind wandering during meditation and my heart is not coherent. It can years to master meditation–even at a beginner’s level. That’s why I am on the lookout for ways to help people (and myself) achieve a state of calm where healing often occurs. When the heart and brain are on the same page, so to speak, the nervous system can do its job.

A feeling of well-being ensues. For those people who can invest in the Muse 2 or Muse S, I highly encourage you to try this device. Muse backs up their product with a 30-day guarantee (assuming no damage) so there is virtually no risk. It may take a couple of weeks of dedicated use to get into the flow of the collections and courses that come with the device.

meditation for stress relief

If you are struggling with stress or anxiety it can be doubly hard to get into the zone of meditation. And all the more important for your mind-body to rest and rejuvenate.

My focus on this site is natural stress relief which can be used as an adjunct to what your health care provider is recommending, not a replacement.


Stress Management


Mental Focus


Enhanced Sleep Quality



  • Improves and deepens meditation
  • Trains your mind and body to relax
  • Easy to use


  • Annual subscriptions cost extra
  • Some experience user issues
  • Some Find Sounds Distracting

2 thoughts on “Muse Brain Sensing Headband”

  1. What an insightful review, Dr. Anne Taylor! I’ve been looking into enhancing my meditation practice and have heard whispers about the Muse 2 and Muse S. Your article offered a comprehensive look into how this wearable can be a game-changer in the mindfulness space.

    The idea of using EEG sensors for real-time brain activity feedback during meditation is nothing short of revolutionary. I appreciate the way you’ve detailed the technology, breaking down how each sensor contributes to the overall experience. The ability to focus not just on mind meditation, but also heart, body, and breath, promises a holistic approach to well-being. I was particularly impressed by how Muse is adapted for both beginners and seasoned meditators, serving as a versatile tool for everyone.


    • Dear John,

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. I’m pleased to hear that you found my review of the Muse 2 and Muse S insightful. It’s fantastic to know that you’re considering this wearable to enhance your meditation practice.

      Indeed, the use of EEG sensors to provide real-time feedback on brain activity during meditation is a groundbreaking concept. It’s a remarkable way to bridge the gap between technology and mindfulness. I’m glad my article was able to shed light on how this technology can truly revolutionize the mindfulness space.

      Breaking down the technology and explaining how each sensor contributes to the overall experience was important to me, as I believe understanding the mechanics can deepen our appreciation for the innovation. The Muse headbands’ capability to encompass various aspects of meditation – mind, heart, body, and breath – reflects a comprehensive approach to overall well-being. It’s an exciting prospect to have a tool that supports a holistic mindfulness journey.

      If you decide to incorporate Muse into your meditation routine, I hope it brings you the transformative experience you’re seeking. Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions or if you’d like further insights.

      Wishing you a mindful and fulfilling journey ahead.

      Warm regards, Dr. Anne Taylor


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