Herbs for Anxiety

Everyone feels anxious sometimes, but more and more many people are experiencing sustained levels of high anxiety. People who are looking for alternatives to medications are seeking information about herbs for anxiety. There are clinical anxieties that should be treated by your healthcare provider, however, there are increasing numbers of people who suffer from high-functioning anxiety. During in these challenging times, I recommend a multi-pronged approach for quelling anxiety and enhancing feelings of being calm and centered. We cannot always control what’s going on but we can control how we respond to life’s challenges.

Taking supplemental herbs for anxiety is one strategy that is part of a more comprehensive self-care regiment. Other examples include mindfulness practices, yoga, exercise, being in nature, high-quality sleep, and emotional self-regulation. Herbal supplementation can enhance your daily routines.  

Why Take Herbs for Anxiety?

Ayurvedic herbal formulas such as Worry-Free are powerful, synergistic, and effective blends that calm the mind down and settle your emotions. The herbs in this formula support deeper sleep, helps relieve anxiety, and provides natural relief from daily tension and stress. This formula contains the adaptogens ashwagandha and jatamansi, and other potent herbs.

The demands of today’s world are almost impossible to keep up with. There is simply more coming at us than we can handle. And if you’re prone to high-functioning anxiety it can feel like you’re on a sinking ship. You keep up, but at what cost to your health and personal life? Beginning a regime of taking herbs for anxiety can help you feel calmer while you are integrating other forms of self-care as well.

The Worry-Free formula consists of 7 herbs and 1 mineral components. 3 out of the 7 herbs are roots. These herbs have a nourishing, calming and strengthening effect on your nervous system. They “root out” imbalances and allow you to be on firmer ground. The three roots used in Worry-Free herbal tablets are Ashwagandha (winter cherry), licorice and jatamansi (Indian spikenard).

“Worry-Free is an ayurvedic daytime tranquilizer.”

Dr. Wolfgang Schachinger 

I highly recommend the Worry-Free blend because it was formulated from a lineage of ayurvedic masters in India who understood the synergy between the herbs. This formula enhances the action of any one particular herb. Quite simply, these herbs work better together. Herbal formulas are foundational to nutritional support.

When to Take Herbs for Anxiety?

Herbal supplements, especially blended ayurvedic formulas, are designed to keep your body in balance rather than merely masking the symptoms of anxiety. When your body-mind is in balance, anxiety naturally falls away leaving you more centered and calm. You may choose to maintain a consistent dosage based on your ongoing levels of anxiety. If you are on a pharmaceutical medication please do not stop! Consult your healthcare provider. The information on this website is designed to be layered onto what you are currently doing, not in place of it.

What are Herbs for Anxiety?

Many people who have some familiarity with ayurvedic herbs think of ashwagandha, a well known adaptogen (stress relieving herb). Although taking single herbs may be the way to go for some, people often overlook the synergistic value of cooperation herbs and other ingredients. The Worry-Free formula that I love has a beautiful complement of the following ingredients:

  • Ashwagandha (winter cherry)
  • Licorice 
  • Jatamansi (Indian spikenard)
  • Galangal root
  • Gotu kola (brahmi),
  • Indian tinospora (guduchi)
  • Dwarf morning glory (shankapushpi, also known as aloeweed)
  • Pearl powder from river pearls

The galangal roots fires up agni and aids the absorption of the other herbs. The pearl powder lunar energy has a calming effect on your mind-body. The other ingredients have calming and moistening effects and improves the brain fog that often goes along with stress and anxiety.

How to Take Herbs for Anxiety

The primary herb in the Worry-Free formula is ashwagandha root and this formula was developed to assist you in keeping your stress at bay, the root cause of anxiety. Many people take 1 tablet daily during low periods of anxiety to maintain calm. You may bump up the dosage to 2 tablets if you feel an increase of stress. Let your body’s intelligence guide you.

The Worry-Free herbal formula for anxiety relief instructions recommends that you take the herbs after meals. Always consult the specific instructions for use regardless of the product brand.

As always, please read the contraindications on the label and check with your healthcare provider before starting any new dietary supplement regime.

Where to Get the Worry-Free Formula?

Whenever possible, I recommend that you obtain herbal products directly from the manufacturer to ensure product freshness. VPK was founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who brought transcendental meditation (TM) to the West. The formulas presented by this company are based on age-old recipes handed down through the generations of Maharishi Mahesh lineage.

Herbs for anxiety

Frequently Asked Questions:

Anne Taylor, Ph.D.

I spend considerable time researching products that meet the highest standards that I can find. I share them with you in the hope that you will seek natural alternatives to stress-related conditions. The links in this post are affiliate links, meaning I receive a small commission if you purchase this product through these links.

If you would like to talk about your specific situation please contact me for a free 15-minute consultation. Let me know some of the essentials and we’ll set up a time to chat.

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18 thoughts on “Herbs for Anxiety”

  1. Hi Anne,

    Thanks for this post, it is very informative (nice website too). I wouldn’t say that I have anxiety, but running my own business and managing different income streams, I do get quite  a lot of stress, especially during these times of uncertainty. Is this the worry free bled right for me?

    • Thanks for stopping by, Tom. Stress is affecting so many people and underlies 75-90% of all doctor visits and so it is important to self-manage stress. The Worry-Free product will take the edge off of stress or you may want to try the “Stress-Free” product which can be found on the same link: https://www.mapi.com/index.html?partner=AnneTaylor-HP Take care of yourself and loved ones during these uncertain times. 

      Dr. Anne

  2. Hello Dr. Taylor,

    Thanks for your article.  I have used such herbs for ailments and found them to have really pulled me out of some health challenges, especially energy and recovery from fatigue.  

    With the stresses of daily life, that only seem to increase with time; and reduced nutrient content of many foods taking such supplements can be really necessary.

    I have been looking into ayurveda, my site on Indian food covers to some extent ayurvedic foods – I am learning of the benefits thereof.  There is a lot to learn from this ancient practice. 

    Thanks again


    • Hello Dipesh, Thanks for sharing your experience with herbal formulations, especially the part on fatigue. Ayurveda is a sister science to Kundalini yoga and provides a nice compliment to stress and anxiety reduction. I like to use formulas designed by highly reputable companies, such as the manufacturer of Worry-Free because it really is quite a science that requires one knows what there doing. These formulas have been handed down through the generations by a company that I know and trust. 

      Stay well, my friend,


  3. I love this! I have carried around a certain amount of anxiety my entire life. I never heard of the term high functioning anxiety, but I think it fits me to the t. I love the idea of taking a natural supplement to keep anxiety at bay because who needs more anxiety created by dumping more chemicals in our bodies. Great stuff.

    • Hi Ricky, Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. High-functioning anxiety is not considered a medical condition (yet) but negatively affects the quality of so many people’s lives. Taking prescription drugs is out of my wheelhouse, but not something that I would personally due for stress-related conditions. 

      For you and other readers who may have high-functioning anxiety, I have written a concise book with other suggestions. https://howtorelievestressnaturally.com/book

      Thanks again for your insights. 

  4. Due to unwanted side effects from prescription drugs against many ailments, people have sought out herbal solutions as an alternative. However, with few experts on the use of herbs, that option has not been well explored.
    However, with improved packaging and marketing, it is now easier to access this medicine.

    I have always held this belief that anxiety can be sorted by regular exercises and taking enough rest, but your post has changed my mindset and informed me of an alternative solution. It is good to know that herb usage has a positive effect on the nervous system.
    With this excellent rating of the Worry-Free formula, I surely need to have it. Thank you for bringing this product to light.

    • Hello Edgar, Thank you for sharing your thoughts about anxiety and how people can really help themselves with some common sense approaches. Regular exercise, sleep, and diet are all extremely important in maintaining a state of calmness. When we are under stress taking a natural herbal supplement such as Worry-Free can be just the ticket. 

      Worry-free can help people feel more like taking good care of themselves. I appreciate your valuable input. 

  5. thank you for this post.

    People with anxiety sometime do consider herbal remedies as an alternative to prescription drugs. This may be because some medications, for example, beta-blockers or benzodiazepines, can have unwanted side effects. i have learnt a lot from this article. thank you very much for this awesome work of yours

    • Thank you Kirkman! 

      I appreciate your feedback and insights. It is important that people who are on medications to stay on them until their doctors tell them differently. The beauty with Worry-Free and other herbal formulas is that they can generally be taken along with what the person is doing already. Stay well and healthy!

  6. Helo Thanks for this article on “Herbs for Anxiety”. Anxiety is thing that almost everyone experience in one way or the other and it’s important it’s well managed. Excercise and meditation has been one way of managing anxiety. The occurrence of this present pandemic, Covid-19 is has cause people to more anxious than before.with what I have seen so far in this article I am so convinced that the Worry-Free formula is a perfect herb for anxiety. Thanks once again for sharing and for also placing link where the worry free formula can be purchase. 

    • Sheddy, Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Anxiety is at an all-time high and I’m all about self-regulation. Meditation is part of my daily regime and it is so helpful. The Worry-free formula is one more tool in the tool kit and I wish you well. 

  7. This article is going to be perfect for my sister. i have always told her that anxiety is not a death sentence but she does not seem to agree. how ever this is the first time that i am coming across this worry free formula. and i loved the explanation of the use of herbs for anxiety. thank you very much

    • Hello Smoochi, Thank you for sharing this article with your sister. The negative effects of anxiety can definitely be improved with natural techniques and products. Herbal formulas are just one leg of the stool, along with emotional-self management, sleep, and many other things I talk about throughout this site. 

      I so appreciate you taking the time to share with me. 

      Dr. Anne

  8. Lavender is one of the most popular anti-anxiety herbs, and we’ll be combining it with valerian root and passionflower to make one serious, stress-fighting triple threat. herbs are really good blessing to man as a lot of disease situation  have been solved through the use of Herbs.thanka a lot sharing this

    • Thank you Feji for taking the time to comment and share your experience with herbs and stress. Lavender is an all-time favorite for relaxation, no question, and no known side effects. Please also see my comments about valerian root on the post above. It’s great for short term use but is questionable on an ongoing basis. 

      I also add a link for readers to check out the cautions regarding passionflower, which is fine in lower doses for short term use. https://www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-871/passionflower

      That said, many people may also benefit from these herbs, but I encourage everyone to do their homework and stay informed. 

      Thanks again, Anne

  9. Among all the Valerian Root Valerian is commonly used as a sleep aid for insomnia which can often be caused by anxiety, as you may well know. As well as aiding in a restful night’s sleep, valerian root is a natural remedy for anxiety. Mostly taken in pill form due to it’s very questionable small. thanks a lot for sharing this awesome article hope it helps others


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