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Stress Relief Coaching Services

As a licensed HeartMath® coach, we understand that everyone’s heart holds wisdom and intelligence that can help guide you through life’s challenges, including unbridled stress. When you access your heart’s intelligence, creative ways emerge and bring balance, rhythm, and ease.Relieve Stress Naturally

Starting a HeartMath practice is easy. So is starting a meditation practice—simple. Staying with it for the first 40 days is another matter and can be challenging. Even with the best of intentions, it’s easy to start skipping days and falling off course. Once you begin to experience how good it feels when you call the shots on how stress affects you, then you will more likely to make HeartMath® and meditation a part of your daily ritual.

Once you have a solid 40 days behind you, you are on your way to making this  the tools and techniques you’ve learned a lifestyle change.

It takes 40 days to make a new habit, and as a licensed HeartMath® coach I will both guide you and hold you accountable to mutually agreed upon goals with results that are measurable.


Coaching Option 1) Prevent: Building Personal Resilience

Experience the power of the heart to re-build resilience
stress reductions
Prevention: Building Personal Resilience

This HeartMath® Coaching Stress Management System is for individuals who’s energy is being depleted due to ongoing stress, and want to build up their resilience. Coaching is geared towards building up energy reserves and preventing stress from escalating into disease states in your body.

Learn how to anticipate energy-draining situations and learn effective techniques to neutralize them.

Learn how to engage in energy-renewal techniques and “recharge your batteries,” so that you have better immunity against stress.

Practice techniques to raise your baseline heart coherence, and strengthen your nervous to handle stress more effectively.


Prevent: Stress Management System:

4 50-minute private coaching sessions via telephone

Building Personal Resilience Workbook

$495.00 US Dollars

Coaching Option 2) Heal: Personal Journey to Health

Experience the power of the heart to heal from stress induced diseases

This HeartMath® Coaching Stress Management is designed for people who are experiencing high levels of stress in their lives and want to stop and reverse the negative effects that stress is having on their health and well being.

Recommended For:

  • People recovering from serious illnesses such as a heart attack or cancer
  • People who are at risk of a serious illness and serious about making positive changes
  • People who are suffering from stress-induced depression (cold depression)

This stress management system offers personalized sessions via skype or phone. Together, we will navigate through the basic steps outlined in this program where you will understand the root causes of your stress and specific techniques to manage it.

You will gain a better understanding about what happens to your body when you are stressed and how your reactions to everyday challenges can either rob you of the life you want or be transformed into healthier, more satisfying, productive energy.

This focused and practical program combines personalized coaching and a detailed practice plan to meet your personal objectives.

Heal: Stress Management System:

4- 50-minute private coaching sessions via telephone

Building Personal Resilience Workbook

$495.00 USD

3) Transformation: Voyage to Heart Intelligence

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Voyage to Heart Intelligence

Experience the power of the heart to reconnect to yourself and begin to live the life your authentic life

This HeartMath® Coaching Stress Management is for people who are impacted by stress and as a result have lost touch with their inner self or soul. Through the power of the heart, heart prana, you will reconnect with your authentic self and core values. From that place of inner strength, you will master stress, and take a journey onto the path of you heart for personal transformation.


Voyage to Heart Intelligence

START living the life you really want in line with your core values

IMPROVE your health, performance, and relationships (especially with yourself)

MASTER your response to stress

Transform: Stress Management System

4 One Hour private coaching sessions via telephone

Voyage to Heart Intelligence Workbook

$495.00 USD

Your heart is worth it, your life is worth it.

Anne Taylor, B.S., Ph.D. was trained and licensed at Heartmath® Institute in 2010.HeartMath Institute