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HeartMath Products

HeartMath Inner Balance Sensor

HeartMath Inner Balance-Check PricingFor self-paced study and practice, purchase HeartMath Inner Balance Sensor, and the most appropriate book for your situation. For personal mentoring with Dr. Anne Taylor click here.

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Books on Heart Coherence

Transforming Anxiety: The HeartMath Solution for Overcoming Fear and Worry and Creating Serenity 


Transforming Stress: The Heartmath Solution for Relieving Worry, Fatigue, and Tension

Transforming Depression: The HeartMath Solution to Feeling Overwhelmed, Sad, and Stressed

Stopping Emotional Eating: HeartMath Stress and Weight Management Program

Transforming Anger: The Heartmath Solution for Letting Go of Rage, Frustration, and Irritation

The HeartMath Approach to Managing Hypertension: The Proven, Natural Way to Lower Your Blood Pressure

Resilience from the Heart: The Power to Thrive in Life’s Extremes

Nutritional & Supplement Resources

Ayurveda (Natural Herbal Products to Relieve Stress Naturally)

Best Sellers from VPK by Maharishi Ayurveda


These five products are the top sellers at VPK, and the formulas have been passed down through many generations. Working synergistically, Ayurveda herbals blends take the guesswork out of Ayurveda.

Berkey Water Filtration Systems

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Oregon’s Wild Harvest Stress Guard Supplement, 90 Count

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Saffron, Rumi Spice

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Energy Medicine Products

“In every culture and every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.” –Albert Szent-Györgyi, 1960. 

Energy medicine is an emerging science, or perhaps more accurately, a re-emerging science since it has been around since time immemorial. Energy medicine, also called energy healing, is a natural healing practice that activates the subtle energy pathways of your body. Energy medicine helps release blockages which cause energy to stagnate.

Joovv Light Therapy

Joovv FDA class II red light therapy and infrared LED light therapy

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Earthing (Grounding Products)

LandKissing Earthing Half Bed Sheet (Size 118″ x 51″) Beige with 2 Straight Cords and 2 Wrist Band – Reduce Inflammation, Improve Sleep and Anxiety, Potential EMF and ESD Protection

By using a grounding sheet, you get in 8-hours (assuming you are in bed 8-hours) of grounding every night without having to even think about it. Think about getting two so that when one is in the wash you have another ready.

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How to Relieve Stress Naturally

This list includes only products that Anne has either personally used or has researched. If you have input on any of these products, please contact Anne and she will modify the contents if deemed appropriate.